WB Live Notes

  • A discussion took place regarding vehicles driving onto the site.  It was agreed that there had to be a dedicated route.  PH reported that there will be fencing purchased to reinforce a specific area of the field.   There was a need for dedicated marshalls for just walking vehicles on and off the site.  Requirement for an Emergency Service entrance.
  • Lisa & Peter have offered to oversee the stalls. Someone will be measuring up the stalls and painting the pitches.  Agreed to give stalls an extra 4 metres.  Layout will need to be investigated.  Stall holders generally were really happy with the outcome of the day.
  • PH has picked up 6 professional food stalls at the Woking Food Festival.
  • Question raised regarding crowd barriers around the screen.
  • Official photographer – Christine Osbourne?
  • ADI have quoted for a stage to go in front of the stage.
  • Control tower was discussed regarding the entry.  Agreed that barriers needed to be obtained and orange webbing required.  Sue offered to supply this.
  • In respect of gazebos agreed deposits need to be charged and lent to known stall holders.
  • James is happy to lend his personal sound system vs £580 a day for sound from the suppliers.
  • Agreed that £2.50 should be sufficient for volunteers in respect of a meal if volunteering for more than 4 hours.  Meal vouchers not valid for the bands.
  • Dennis Baker enjoyed it and has volunteered for next year.
  • Agreed that West Byfleet Social Club no longer required in future to supply a bar. Camphill Social Club to be approached.  Plus possibly Pyrford Flower Show supplier.  A license for the bar to operate in the evening will be applied for.
  • Plant stall from the local allotments.
  • Free rides at the funfair for disabled.
  • Loos for dos – supplying four disabled which will provide a better facility for parents and children.  Bigger supply of toilet rolls.  Although it was pointed out that the lack of them this year was due to the inability to access the site.  Discussion took place regarding stand up urinals to free the loos to others.
  • James Taylor – Ride London – 10 loos for cyclists.  Sponsorship could be displayed on the back of the loos to assist with the cost.
  • Cycle Race on the Sunday to coincide with the Centenary of West Byfleet. PH will speak with the schools regarding the history of the village in order to have a pageant.  This can be video’d and relayed onto the screen.
  • All agreed that the powerpoint presentation advertising the sponsors was brilliant and that more interest can be generated.
  • Dentist generated 11 more customers on the day- very positive.
  • She ran through the financial situation and stated that she may be approximately £272 short, however is still ‘owed’ monies from various sources so there may be an opportunity to donate monies accordingly.
  • Classic car display in hand.  Alan Foster will be contacted and also McClaren employees who are avid car collectors.
  • Jimmie has offered a Firework display (fireworks geared to land in the field behind), fully paid for.
  • Phil Wilson (??) Current editor of residents magazine wants to promote WBBA, PH will write a piece on West Byfleet LI:VE.
  • Need for security with torches, PH to talk to Peter Knight regarding night security.

All agreed that further meetings would be the first Monday of the month.  The next meeting will be on Monday 10th October at 7 pm at The Morrison’s (many thanks).

At the next meeting the following will need to be discussed:

Stalls | Volunteers | Sponsorship | Exhibitors | Choir