Minutes of the meeting 6 October 2016

Minutes of the meeting of the West Byfleet Business Association

Held on 6 October 2016

West Byfleet Health Centre, 2nd Floor, Purple Area


Neil Butcher (Surrey Lettings), Alison Turner (WB Consulting Rooms & Surrey Skin Care),

Christine Osbourne (Osbourne Dental Practice), Robin Jackson (FSB), Chris and John

Morrison (Apples & Pears), John Ashcroft (Ashcroft Beaty), Sue Taylor (FDTS), Gary Elson,

Adam Dean (A E Dean), Jo Steadman (Dental Practice), Jane Armitage (Physiotherapists),

Sheena Inward (Academy Windows), Sundeep Soin (York House Dental)

Apologies: Pauline Hedges, Ollie Lodge, Shani Orchard, Jennifer Clayton, Mark Fuller,

Ron Enticott, Roland Nevett

Welcome & Minutes of Meeting were agreed to be accurate

RJ advised he was not receiving the minutes, AT will alter the distribution list to reflect RJ’s

correct email address.

Christmas Trees

CO agreed to take requests for Christmas trees, please could all advise CO by the end of

October. NB advised the association purchases trees for the two charity shops. New

members will pay £70 for a tree which is kept on their behalf until the following Christmas.

Existing members who have already paid for a Christmas tree will pay £35.

Treasurers Report

CM is treasurer with SO as co-signee. CM advised the balance in the bank stood at £400.

West Byfleet LI:VE – see attached minutes

NB advised the non-profit event broke even, although waiting on figures from West Byfleet

and Pyrford Resident associations. The bucket collections on the day totalled £2,500. An

amount of £700 has been given to Woking Hospice. There is a separate meeting of The

LI:VE committee taking place on Monday 10 October at 7pm.

Web Site

CO has spoken to Alan Fuller regarding updating the web site. Updates to include a report

on West Byfleet LI:VE. JA/SI to forward a PDF of the application form to join WBBA and

PDF renewal of membership form to CO.


Sheer House – The neighbourhood forum is to hold a public meeting in October/November to

discuss Altitude Real Estate (the developer) plans. The developer has submitted plans to

Woking borough Council. There is now a 14 week consultation.

Roxburghe House – Permission has been granted for 2 extra stories.

Broadoaks – The application, to go in in January, is for 157 houses over 35 acres and a

school. Planning Committee date to discuss the plans is expected in January.

Woodlands Ave – is expected to shut for ongoing roadworks.

There is concern there will be two massive construction projects occurring at the same time.

These will have a huge impact on West Byfleet businesses, particularly on parking. CO

suggested that all should put an application to the Council for a reduction in rates.

Car Parking – A separate meeting will be convened for the subject of car parking and how to

retain income/customers – the meeting will take place in the first week of November.


JA and SI were thanked for bringing the membership up to date. Reminder invoices will be

sent to those members with outstanding membership fees. Existing members will receive an

email when their renewal is due.

It was suggested to have a pamphlet to give to potential new members as an introduction to

the Association. The pamphlet to contain a list of existing members.

There are now 36 members with Pilgrim Residential Lettings recently joining.

Woking Chamber

JA advised that WBBA is affiliated with the Chamber and Surrey Chambers. This brings the

advantage of half price events to our members.

WBBA Constitution

PH had circulated draft wording for the constitution. The wording will be confirmed at

Monday 10 October meeting at 7pm.


 The Wendy House has closed due to a £5,000 rent increase.

 JA advised that Woking Business magazine had a new Editor and the content is now

more informative and in-depth.

 Residents magazine – the magazine may fold due to lack of volunteers to run it. There

was an article on WBBA in the last magazine – attached.

Chairperson – Pauline Hedges

Vice Chairperson – Neil Butcher

Treasurers (joint role) – John Morrison / Shani Orchard

Minutes – Alison Turner

Membership Secretaries – Jane Armitage and Sheena Inwood