Minutes of the meeting 3 November 2016

Minutes of the meeting of the West Byfleet Business Association

Held on 3 November 2016

West Byfleet Health Centre, 2nd Floor, Purple Area


Pauline Hedges, Neil Butcher (Surrey Lettings), Alison Turner (WB Consulting Rooms & Surrey Skin Care),

James Webster (Waterfalls), Christine Osbourne (Osbourne Dental Practice), Chris and John Morrison

(Apples & Pears), John Ashcroft (Ashcroft Beaty), Sue Taylor (FDTS), Jane Armitage (Physiotherapists),

Adrian Warrick (Stringed Instruments)

Apologies: Ollie Lodge, Shani Orchard, Jennifer Clayton, Mark Fuller, Ron Enticott, Roland Nevett, Robin

Jackson (FSB), Jo Steadman (Dental Practice), Sheena Inward (Academy Windows), Sundeep Soin (York

House Dental)

Welcome & Minutes of Meeting were agreed to be accurate

Welcome to James Webster from Waterfalls and Adrian Warrick from Stringed Instruments.

Woking Chamber – JA advised membership of £30 for WBBA members brings the benefit of attending

events at a reduced rate, to replace at half price.

Christmas Trees

PH thanked CO and CM for their work on selling the Christmas trees to the traders.

PH is to ask the Residents Association for £500 for the large Christmas tree for the village.

CM and JM have an outfit and a volunteer to be Father Christmas.

CM advised that children from West Byfleet and the Marist schools will be providing carol singing.

ST suggested to have a stall for WBBA. PH will provide a gazebo. WBBA businesses can place business

cards on the stall.

PH will ask Jonathan Lord MP if he can attend.

ST and CM will organise the event and involve NB for flyers to shops and businesses.

Treasurers Report

SO had updated the treasurer’s report. JM advised there are funds of £1,198.20 of which £600 is for the

purchase of Christmas trees. JM had completed the paperwork for the change of names on the bank

account and is still waiting to hear confirmation this has been completed. JM advised online banking is set

up on the account. SO and JM will have a report prepared for the next meeting on 8 December.

West Byfleet LI:VE

PH advised she had a successful meeting with the Council.

The council have given the go ahead for the event to host fireworks. The license has been extended to

9.30pm to allow for the fireworks to take place.

Knight Security has expressed interest in providing security for the event – at no cost.

The Council agreed for access to the field from Parvis Road and a temporary access from Camphill Road

to allow for Event Medicine (ambulance), toilets and rubbish removal.

Event Medicine would like to tender for next year’s event.

PH will present a cheque for £700 to Woking Hospice at their charity ball which takes place next week.

CM – if businesses would like to sponsor the event, their company name would appear on the large screen.

AT, JW and AW expressed interest in sponsoring.

There is a subcommittee meeting on Monday 7 November at 7pm at CM and JM’s house.

Web Site

JA will provide the membership form in PDF format and send to CO. Alan Fuller to add to the website

along with the report from WB LI:VE to the website.


DPD Green Belt review has been released– as attached.

Broadoaks put their plans into the Council on 6 October – as attached.

PH advised anyone is welcome to join West Byfleet forum who will be raising issues around planning


PH will pull together the ‘car parking’ subcommittee once the plan has been released.

PH is meeting with Stephen Tillman, owner of Sheer House next week for an update.


JA and SI were thanked for bringing the membership up to date. JA advised work will commence in 2017

on WBBA brochure in order to heighten the profile of the Association. Those listed on the spreadsheet, but

not members, will be approached.

WBBA Constitution

PH had circulated draft wording for the constitution. The wording will be confirmed at Monday 7 November

meeting at 7pm.


 PH is meeting with Miss Lawrence, Head of West Byfleet Junior School to discuss how the children can

get involved with West Byfleet’s centenary next year.

 PH informed all that the group meet every 6-8 weeks at the New Haweli on a Wednesday evening for

an informal gathering – date to be circulated by separate email.

 PH thank AT for providing a venue for the Association to meet.

Chairperson – Pauline Hedges

Vice Chairperson – Neil Butcher

Treasurers (joint role) – John Morrison / Shani Orchard

Minutes – Alison Turner

Membership Secretaries – Jane Armitage and Sheena Inwood