December 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

West Byfleet Business Association

3rd December 2015


Pauline Hedges, John Ashcroft, Neil Butcher, Mark Fuller, Oliver Lodge, Stella McMillan, John Morrison, Chris Morrison, Sheena Inwood, Christine Osbourne, Alison Turner, Cllr Gary Elson, Robin Jackson, Gareth Sewery


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave a warm welcome to the new members.

Minutes of the meeting held 4th November – No amendments.

Matters Arising

There were none.

Christmas Lights

West Byfleet is looking good with the Christmas lights. JM mentioned they are not quite finished. Just a small section not covered. The question was raised as to whether there were more availability. PH reported that the Residents Association has donated £500 to the Christmas Lights. John will be creating another big cheque for a special presentation to take place on Saturday with Jonathan Lord, the MP. The Residents Association are very willing to support the WBBA financially, an application with a costing overview should be drawn up to accompany the application for funding events. It was suggested that we should consider an artificial tree however, there would be storage problems and so it was agreed that this would not be viable. Pauline gave a vote of thanks to all who have been involved with the Christmas lights, it is much appreciated.

December 5th Christmas Event

There are concerns about the weather forecast which may have an impact on the various events at the weekend. It is planned for Carol singers from the two local schools who will perform in the village from 10.00 am onwards. There will be a Magician in Apples and Pears from 11.00 am. Father Christmas will be wandering about the village from 10:00 am and there all day. Saxophonists’ from 2:00 pm outside Apples and Pears. Jonathan Lord, MP will be in the village at 2.00 pm as well. There will be two tombolas, Florist and bbq. Christmas pudding vodka supplied by Ollie. Chris M displayed a poster donated by Ian at Surrounds advertising the West Byfleet Christmas Day at the weekend.

John Ashcroft explained how the Woking News & Mail operated in respect of articles to go into the paper. In order to get anything into the press the report needs to be with the WNM by Wednesday/Thursday to catch the next weeks’ paper. Anything submitted on a Monday/Tuesday will not get into the paper that week.

Chris M circulated the advertisement in ‘What’s On, a local Good Guide handed out free in supermarkets. PH thanked Chris M again for the initiative.

Treasurers Report

The bank account is healthy and the Treasurer popped in the cheque books and paying in books to be kept by the new Treasurers – Stella McMillan and Shani Orchard. There are currently no outstanding bills. Stella, Shani and John were going to HSBC to set up the signatory process.

West Byfleet LI:VE

PH circulated the picture of the cheque presentation to Smile Of Inspiration which was from the money collected at the LI:VE 2015 event.

Planning had started for 2016 (29th/30th/31st July 2016). The field has been booked. There will be bids for funding submitted to Woking Borough Council, Residents Association and Octagon again

WBC on the 16th field booked with Freedom Leisure last weekend of July. A bid for donations from WBC/Optimum and Residents Association will be submitted. Gary Elson confirmed that there is a budget for ‘Celebrate Woking’ that may be able to provide some financial assistance. Ray Morgan has said that a formal application should be made as soon as possible. A meeting of the West Byfleet LI:VE sub committee needs to meet. A question was raised about the insurance for the event and it was confirmed that it has always been covered year on year and WBBA are not liable for the event. The WBBA sponsors the event, Easily England runs the event and the insurance cover is in that name.

Web Site

MF reported 100 visits to the website this month. Website will need to be updated with new members’ information.

Planning Issues

PH reported that the Green belt review public consultation has resulted in 25,000 comments being made to WBC. This means that the revised report is likely to be delayed. GE explained that the Council has to show to central government that bit has sufficient land banked for housing development for 15 years. As there is only sufficient supply for 10 years (2012 – 2022) from the existing brown field sites or previously developed land, then the only alternative is to consider building on protected land contained within the designated ‘green belt’.

The developers Octagon have submitted a planning application for a mixed development in Broadoaks a 35 acre plus site for a school and a range of dwellings (approx. 150). Although Broadoaks is situated within the ‘green belt’ it has previously developed status as it was originally built on by the MOD. An application will need to be considered for ‘change of use’ as the original planning consent was for commercial purposes only.

An area of West Hall has been identified in the consultant’s report as another potential site for housing development (2027 -2040) this site can potentially provide circa 500 houses. The Sheerwater

regeneration project was also discussed. However, it was said that the most important thing that will affect people here in West Byfleet is the future of Sheer House; the new owners (Altitude) are currently considering a range of development options and have been meeting with various community and private groups to understand what their needs and expectations are.


A meeting took place on Monday and it was confirmed that a database of current members is in place and just needs tweaking regarding emails addresses. A new membership form was circulated and it is planned to encourage standing orders to be put in place thus cutting out the requirements for cheques ongoing. Shani circulated forms to obtain contact numbers from the attendees and this will be available for the core group attending the meetings. It was confirmed that there are 3 new members this month: Silvertree Kitchens, Daniel Fairfax, and The Carpet Workshop.

Woking Chamber

There is a meeting tomorrow for the members to hear Ray Morgan speak. PH explained the benefits of being a member of the WBBA and how they are thus able to attend Woking Chamber events at members’ prices.


New Haweli – PH will arrange another WBBA evening meal – 12th January 2016 last one was very successful and fun.

CO feels that we need a PR Sub Committee. PR Budget required also need to book the railings for advertising our events. Need a formal group.

Neil thanked everyone who voted for the best Letting Agents of the year and for the 2nd year running – Surreys Lettings Agent won the award.

Robin Jackson– Federation of Small Businesses – please contact if wishing to join – PH said that there are over 9.5 thousand members in Surrey and Sussexthere are regular meetings and high profile events and discussions with central government about issues affecting small business resulting in getting their voice heard at Downing Street. There is also legal protection – employment law/health and safety/ jury service cover compensation

Pauline thanked Apples and Pears for the extraordinary amount of work that they do and also said how lucky the association were to have Gary Elson attending these meetings.

Stella displayed an award that West Byfleet Social Club had received for the Committee of the Year National Club Award.

Neil Butcher announced that West Surrey Lettings had won Best Letting Agent in Surrey for the second year.

Thanks to West Byfleet Social Club and Stella for hosting and feeding the attendees and wished all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Date of next meeting 14th January 2016 at West Byfleet Social Club at 7.30 am