Brooklands Jewellers

Brooklands Jewellers

Brooklands Jewellers is owned and run by three exceptionally talented craftsmen/jewellers who have previously worked in Hatton Garden (London’s jewellery quarter) for a combined total of nearly one hundred years.

They have a fully fitted workshop on the premises which is unique in the area. Between them they have the skill and equipment to manufacture any item of jewellery. They can make anything to your own specific designs and requirements, redesign old jewellery in a more contemporary style or even alter modern jewellery to a more classic style. All the work is done on the premises, the details can be discussed with the actual jeweller and you can see the job at the different stages of its manufacture.

They have a comprehensive and eclectic range of ready made jewellery in stock. This includes some fabulous diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets , most of which have been made in the workshop and are therefore unique. It extends to silver jewellery and the fashionable candy bling range. There is a very good selection of pearls and they also have the full range of giftware, solving the problem of christening presents and the like.

Repairing jewellery to the highest standard is also carried out. They have a quick turnaround and prices are competitive.

Because of the direct link with Hatton Garden, Brooklands Jewellers can pay the best prices for scrap gold, silver and platinum. It really is worth clearing out those old jewellery boxes, drawers and cupboards.

They also buy and sell quality watches. Watch repairs are undertaken and watch batteries can usually be fitted while you wait.

Insurance companies are becoming increasingly demanding so the Valuation Service offered is done by a registered valuer and is indisputable. The fees for this are on a fixed scale and not a percentage of the total which can lead to inflated valuations. Any jewellery left for valuation does not leave the premises.

All in all, the shop has a contemporary, bright and airy feel to it with a very friendly ambience.

There is ample parking opposite the shop. This is free at weekends.

Do pay them a visit. It is interesting just to have a look.

You are certainly assured of a warm welcome from Dave, Stewart and Dave.